Read the true life story of Shina Rambo the former bandit who terrorised South-West Nigeria in the 1990s

Shina Rambo is a former bandit who
terrorised South-West Nigeria in the 1990s.
After serving jail-time for his crimes, he was
converted by an evangelist and became a
Christian evangelical pastor.
Shina Rambo
now Mathew Oluwanifemi was a name that
sent shivers down the spine of people who
lived in the South West of Nigeria and even
outside Nigeria, like Benin Republic and
neighborhood, in the 1990s.
He was a hardened criminal, a terror and
killer, one whom men of the security
agencies will never forget in a haste.
A man mountain, towering about 6 ft 5inch,
well built, dark skinned and sweltering eyes,
he carried out his operations, like a movie,
in the broad day light, with
sophisticated weapons, and bullet belts and
explosives strapped roundabout him. He
specialized in robbing exotic cars on
highways and robbing banks. Nothing could
stop him, not even security operatives, he
was totally invincible. He was Shina Rambo!
He was born in the year 1958 to a military
man who was a bad egg in the service. His
father was from Abeokuta in Ogun state, but
his mother was a native of Sabongida–Ora
in Edo state. His father had over 18 wives. He
recalls, “I remembered when I was about 7
years old, my father came home with a lot of
money, foreign currencies, with blood on it,
and they were using something like a
woman’s scarf to wipe it, then I asked him,
is this an animal’s blood, or human blood?
But he wouldn’t answer me, they were just
drinking, smoking, and merry making.
”Shina was already indoctrinated into the
underworld by his father at a tender age of
7 without him knowing it, as he would sit in
front of his son, to dismantle and assemble
all sorts of weapons and then polishing
them in preparation for an operation.
This went on for so long till one day, little
Shina, entered into his father’s room while
he had stepped into the toilet, and saw a
dismembered gun on the floor. He sat down
in front of it, and bit by bit, he had
assembled it effortlessly in no time at all. His
father came out of the toilet, and saw his
son, with a loaded gun in his hands.
Shina flashed back and said, “That day my
father was so disappointed, that he wanted
to kill me, he grabbed the gun from my hand
and shot straight at me, but I miraculously
escaped out of the room. Then he waited
for me to be less alert at night he came to
my room with a machete and tried to
behead me, but once again, I escaped, but
the machete caught my left leg (he rolled up
his trouser to show us the large scar, that
made everyone sighed in pity). It cut me so
deep I thought I was never going to walk
That day I knew I had graduated, all that
was left was to pull the trigger, and I was so
Shina Rambo became so notorious in no
time, and was hell
bent on succeeding in his career as an
armed robber, that he went through any
length to secure spiritual powers for
To the extent of pounding over 27 live new
born babies in the mortar with a pestle,
cutting off about 100 human tongues and
cooking them to eat, visiting the spiritual
river called river of life in Ogoja, Cross Rivers
State, living in an Iroko tree for days, and
sleeping in the cemetery.
He was given a spiritual wife who always
followed him for any operation, she dressed
like an Alhaja, people thought she was
human, but she was a spirit, that was why
they never saw her face. He said she was his
personal driver, that she could drive from
Nigeria to Cotonou, in the speed of light.
Hear him. ”I was involved in so many rituals,
that I can’t start naming them now, I was so
powerful, I went underground, inside trees
that looked like a city, a lot of beautiful
houses inside the tree, I had my own too. I
went into a river called River of life in Ogoja,
where a lot of politicians and wealthy men
used to come.
I had several personalities, I could change
my form whenever I wanted to, that’s why
the police were busy killing innocent people,
and thought they were killing Shina
Rambo.The 9 herbalists that gave me that
power, I became stronger than them, one
day I went to their shrines, and killed all of
them, so that they don’t reveal my secrets.
I had too many powers; my spiritual wife
could drive any car in this world or out of it,
no police vehicle, or anyone for that matter,
could ever chase and catch me during an
operation. She was out of this world, and
when she had completed her operation,
they took her away from me. I could give
anything to get powers, and the elders
knew, so they also gave me anything I
wanted. I once beheaded hundred men, and
gave them the heads fresh, they were so
happy with me that they made me invincible.
No matter the kind of bullet you shot at me,
it was just like pure water on my body. I
could give anything to get power, but of all
the things I did to get power,the one that
still breaks my heart the most, is sleeping
with my mother. My father is dead now, but
my mother is still alive, and she lives with me
she is 85 years old. Whenever I set my eyes
on her, I just start crying. I can’t bear it.
He would go to police stations, in broad
daylight and kill every policeman there, drive
to check points and open fire on every
policeman on duty, he didn’t like the police
at all, and was never afraid of them, he
operated in broad day light armed to the
teeth looking like Johny Rambo, in the
popular Sylvester Stalone movie, “First
He once robbed 40 exotic cars in one day
and drove all of them in a convoy, from
Lagos to Cotonou, unstopped. He was
powerful; he was wealthy, and
impenetrable. He was a tin god, apparently
belched from the very arroyo hell, we all
dreaded him.
He had a wife and three children, but he lost
all of them in one day during a bloody police
raid whilst he was away on operation. His
wife was his stabilizing factor his life
changed afterwards. He says “my wife was
everything to me, I was forbidden by the
elders to sleep with any other woman apart
from her.
I could gather about 50 women around me
in a hotel, and they will just be playing with
me. We would smoke, drink, and sniff
cocaine, I will give them money but I will
never sleep with them. I will go back home
to my wife and sleep with her. That was
why the police never caught me. She knew
my job, she knew what I was and I never
left them alone at night, I operated in the
day time and go back home to my family at
I had everything, I was very wealthy, I
sometimes spent 50 million naira in a day, I
did that a lot. There was one day that we
were coming from an operation and it
seemed as if my powers were going to fail
me, the police and the army were almost
closing in on us, so we had to drive into a
crowd and threw millions of naira in the air,
there was commotion, everybody was busy
picking naira notes even the police, until we
I was too rich, but anything the devil gives
you never lasts, he will collect more from
you, it’s only the devil that will give you Fila,
(cap) and ask for Iro and Buba (wrapper
and top). I lost everything, all the money, my
family; I was so powerful the police couldn’t
catch me but I lost it all. I had to surrender
myself to the police and I was arrested and
jailed for 11 years.
While I was serving my jail term in Agodi
prisons, Ibadan, Prophet T.O Obadare came
visiting, and having been encouraged
several times by the Christian brothers and
sisters in the prison to give my life to Christ,
he prayed for me and converted me, and
changed my name to Oluwanifemi, and it
was so miraculous, the next day I woke up
and started speaking in tongues. It was
during the time of President Olusegun
Obasanjo, that we were granted freedom.
God is indeed wonderful. He has sent many
people to their early grave without
repentant of their sins. They will go to hell
and him having given his life to Christ will go
to heaven when he dies. How do we judge
that?Thank God, he later gave his life to


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