A flight of fancy behind this faceswap or curicature.

A dream which appeared when it was raining. Imaginary brainwork which came in thoughts when his blessings from clouds were touching the ground. Ground on which humans live.
A place from which we try to jump and wish that we never come back but gravity is not so unrealistic like humans. No offence please.
Wish stays as a wish. But there is no list of people who can dream. Dream which actually comes when we are half dead. But you agree or not the most satisfying thing which we do during sleep. Maybe a hope which urges us to believe. 
Curicature or faceswap which ever you want to say which was made by a boy. Faceswapbecause nowadays this type of swap is in swing. Back to the matter in hand. A boy who was not so good in art, a portrait which was his first attempt. But it wasn’t just a portrait. That try was not taking place for many weeks. But finally a day came, changing nose, ears and eyes, also a touch of anime was in it. But the try was appreciated by the surroundings. A pie in the skywhatever you want to say but the point behind all of this was an imaginary thought behind the sketch was to become lionize. Just a time of going up. The funny part is that, the popularity part which will actually come after the death.That when people will open his journal, then the first page was his own portrait that, this is the man who wrote or produced everything which was written on journal but no doubt a long game which didn’t even take the first step.
Sorry but that long pre planner was me, the blogger itself. I am writing this because dreams are not restricted and their limit is beyond the highness of everything except ALLAH‘s highness. It’s a long way which is actually very far. But goals are always made first and their struggle should have to come as early as possible. You say it unreal i wont mind this but remember one thing always that ” imagination and fiction make up more than three quarters of our life “


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