How Much Should A Man Earn Before Getting Married?

Some days ago, a question broke a part of Naija Twitter. Someone asked ladies if they can marry a man that earns 50k and all hell was let loose. Some answers were hilarious, some were reasonable while some were downright ridiculous.
Even though feminism is gaining some grounds here and people, most especially ladies are becoming aware that marriage is not the highest milestone they can attain in life and their achievements should not be determined by their marriage status, we are still in Nigeria where the majority of its people are still entwined in the culture they were born into, that they have lived and will want to uphold. So marriage will always be a thing.
The question i have for you guys today is, how much should a man earn before taking the M leap? Should it matter if you both love each other very much? Should it be a yardstick in taking that plunge? Should it be enough grounds for a break up or will you follow through hoping things would look up as he is hardworking and ambitious?

What’s your say to this?


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